Two days ago ,I woke up thinking about death , not  physical death but actually feeling a burden for the dead parts or dying parts or areas or facets of our lives.
We all have such , we all are dead or dying in some small way . It could be your relations, your family , career , finances, spirituality it could just be you are in a limimal space and feeling out of control . 

I feel strongly that this Easter as we celebrate resurrection and life , God is calling us to trust him to awaken those areas of our lives . To call them out of the tomb of despair , to rejuvenate them and restore us. 

If you have been praying for it , consciously or otherwise , the message is that the Great intercessor has been praying with you . It has been answered and ordained in the spirit. Claim it in the flesh, claim it for you , for your family , for your friend , Claim it and proclaim Him who is risen from the dead , in whom we live and shall live forever , Jesus. 


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