Survivor: The Love Edition – What Makes A Man

To all of you but especially Men, before you ask her to a date , this is something you need to know !
Amazing read


How does a boy become a man? How does he know? Who tells him that now he is a man?


I was once hanging out among the Dinka community of South Sudan, working with local villages, clinics, schools, health education, local pastors.

And we were under a tree, the men and women under the tree were staring, whispering and raising questions about my tattoo, the story of my life and how I came back to God. I narrated the story of my life, how I walked away from God and finally my rededication to Christ. So I also asked about the scars on most of the men’s heads 5 stripes ear to ear on foreheads and they gave me an explanation of their initiation ceremony. The initiation is to prove if

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