Beautiful Exchange


Today , Jesus ,my greatest fear is entrusting love and my relationships to you , am afraid that I won’t like what you recommend , may be what n who have come to like is not who you desire for me now. It scares me that I have to let go and let your will upon my life take course.
You created me , u know me better than anyone including myself , u know my fears ,My desires , aspirations , my conflictions.
U know I like being in Control, I like seeing logic in things ,i like working out for my results , I like the logic of math , that 1+1=2 , But you are calling me to something higher , something more, you are calling me to your math n your logic, you are calling me to the understanding that letting go doesn’t equal losing out or losing away but it entails a beautiful exchange , where I let go of my fear and pick up your love . Where I let go of my plans and surrender to your will ,
Where I invite you to this love ‘space’ and ask you to guide me, lead me, be the centre then just like a centrifuge my decisions and actions and thoughts are held to that center ! You at the centre.
I believe you love me, us , individually, personally and together , you desire the best for me and for us ,you have a good plan for each of us ! You know who can lead us and me close to you, you know who can lead us and me to your will , I can’t trade your love for anything !
I choose to wait, to listen , to be obedient to you even when it’s hard n painful , I will choose you because yours is the path of love and grace and kindness , I choose to honor you above anything or anyone!
That’s my plea , That’s my submission to you !!



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