The Kenya God Is calling Out

It has been 51 years of Gods faithfulness . We have fought , hated each other even blamed others for our failures but we have also learnt critical lessons such as learning that coexisting is inevitable and hate can never generate peace .
We are not where we would have loved to be but we are not where we could have been had it not been the powerful hand of God.
As a nation we are aspiring better lives or our people . A different country where all children will have a chance to celebrate their 5th birthday without succumbing to starvation and disease .Where they will have a hope of living a better life than their parents .
Where all parents will not have to choose between buying food or paying school fees .
Where men will have the courage to become the high priests at their home that God had called them to be, honor their wives and children , wedge relationships that will not just build a strong family in the present but also for the future
Where our women; my mum, my sister my wife ; my daughter my friend , will walk in the streets proud of who they are, confidently knowing that she is safe and every man out there is a sign of Security and not a vermin or a predator.
Where all citizens hold each other’s accountable to keeping the love , the peace , unity : the dream of One Nation. Knowing that we are greater as a Nation than we will ever be as individuals .
I pray that we will not give up on this dream. In tears I ask that we will together believe that we can be that Nation ,
God Bless Kenya



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